A Comprehensive Guide on Lubricants

Comprehensive Guide on LubricantsA Comprehensive Guide on Lubricants

When it comes to sex only one thing should be avoided by all means, and that is having dry intercourse. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, when things get too dry it is not pleasant. Nothing can ruin sensation during sex more, than experiencing too much friction. Studies show that over 70% of couples use one of the lubricant types for sex. Using a lubricant does not mean that there is not enough passion in your relationship so your wife/girlfriend is not wet, lubricants are made to further improve the quality of your sex life.

Many people think that lubricants are only made for anal sex, but it is the wrong opinion. They are right on one part, lubricants are a must when it comes to anal penetration, but they are recommended for use during vaginal sex also. To be able to fully enjoy having sex with your significant other all you need is a few drops of your favorite lubricant, and you will be having fun for hours. Some lubricants like water-based ones need to be reapplied every now and then, whilst oil-based ones need to be applied only once. There are pros and cons for every lubricant type there is, and based on what your preferences are you can choose one of them.

When it comes to anal sex that some people consider forbidden and others go crazy for it, lubricant is a must. Asshole does not produce juices as a vagina does, and without them, there is too much friction that is not pleasant for neither of the partners. Dry sex apart from not being pleasant can lead to complications like tearing up the asshole or the penis. The most common complication of dry sex is skin burn and you want to avoid it by any means. Not only you are not going to be able to have sex until your penis, vagina, or asshole heals but it also affects your everyday life. You will feel discomfort in your erogenous zones and just imagine how it feels when you need to go to the bathroom.

To make sure you are not going to experience that sort of problem, you need to use a lubricant. Couples all over the world are using them, and they state that their sex has never been better. Sex is a messy business, and it needs to be. The wetter the sex, the better it’s going to be. This applies to both partners.

Wet sex is the best sex

Wet sex is the best

If you have ever experienced having dry sex, you will know what we are talking about. There can’t be a more discomforting feeling than dry penetration. After just a few seconds it stops being pleasant and starts to hurt. Both the giver and the receiver are feeling discomfort and the best option would be to stop. Going at it dry can only lead to problems and besides problems, you are not even enjoying it. Lubricants are made to provide you with the fluids you need for great sex. The thing about lube is this, it reduces friction, moisturizes the skin, and generally lifts the whole experience to a more pleasant level.

For a long time, people thought that you only need to use a lubricant during anal sex, or when it comes to vaginal one when the girl is not interested in you. Guys thought that when the girl is aroused enough, she will have a waterfall between her legs, but that is simply not the case. Some girls have the problem of getting less wet between their legs, and no matter how aroused they get they always tend to be a bit too dry. But lubricants are not only for them. Even when a girl can get wet enough between her legs it does not mean that the lubricant is not welcome. Usually, the girls are wettest just after you are done with foreplay and when you begin to penetrate their vaginas, but after only a couple of minutes, fluid making tends to slow down, and if you are not done under five minutes you will need to apply some sort of a lubricant.

Lubricants are especially handy for couples that love playing for hours. If your sex lasts that long, you simply can’t expect a vagina to stay wet the entire time. To be able to have long-lasting sex, which is at the same time enjoyable, you need lubricants.

This is especially important when it comes to anal penetration. Studies show that 8/10 guys love drilling tight rear entry of their partners. The remaining two guys probably never had a girlfriend that let them do it. This piece of information was probably common knowledge, but did you know that 7/10 ladies tried anal sex at least a couple of times? If that did not shock you, this surely will, 6/10 ladies enjoyed it so much that they continued having regular anal sex. Girls actually love getting their butts fucked and it actually makes sense. They get to enjoy the sensation of feeling a different type of arousal whilst for the guys it is similar to vaginal sex. There are numerous other reasons why guys love drilling their partner’s butts, and apart from the fact that the butt is tighter, there is always the pleasure of doing it. Guys love the fact that they have a girlfriend/wife that lets them in her rear entry, as it is considered a forbidden hole.

To get back to the point, if you love having anal sex, you already know that using a lubricant is not an option, but rather a rule. Ass simply has no way of becoming wet on its own and when you consider the fact that it is tighter than a vagina, you can guess it provides a lot more friction. To be able to enjoy it, you must lube up properly. This is especially the case with the girls that are beginners to anal. Sometimes preparing an asshole for sex can take up to half an hour, and you need lots of lubricant for it. To make sure that your partner enjoys it, there simply can’t be any unwanted friction. When lubricated properly, anal sex becomes something that both partners can enjoy very much.

Apart from sex, lubricants are also very handy for masturbation both for men, and women. Guys are used to jerking off with their hands and you can do it completely dry, but once you try masturbating with a lubricant, you will never do it again without it. Jerking off with a lubricant allows your hand to slip over the tip or your dick, and that way you can have an experience that is closer to sex. It also gives you the chance to play for longer.

When it comes to ladies, masturbating with a lubricant is the best feeling in the world. In fact, girls actually need to use lubricants since, just like when it comes to sex, they can’t enjoy it when it is dry. When ladies masturbate, their vaginas usually produce fewer juices than when they are having sex, so the use of lubricants is necessary. The only way you could avoid a lubricant is to masturbate under the shower, but if you want to do it on your bed while watching an erotic movie, that lube is a must.

Different types of lubricants

All types of lubricants

There are a couple of different lubricant types and flavors, and they are usually divided into groups on their bases. First off, we need to understand what exactly a lubricant is. Lubricants are usually in a form of a liquid or a gel, and they are made in a way to be incredibly slippery. Just think of a regular oil that you use in the kitchen every day, when you spill it over something it is incredibly hard to clean off since it only gets smeared around. That is the point of lube, you need a medium that can’t be easily absorbed or whipped off.

Depending on your desires and the fact if you are using a condom, or playing with toys, there are a couple of lubricant types.

1. Water-based lubricants

The most common type of lubricants are water-based ones, and there are a couple of reasons. They are the most affordable ones since they are based on the water just like the name suggests, and sometimes the price is important, especially when you consider that these things can go away pretty quickly if you are having sex every day. If we ignore the price tag, there is one other reason why water-based lubes are being used so much, and that is the fact that they do no damage to condoms or sex toys. Water-based lubricants are made in a way that they are gentle on the skin, can’t damage your toys, won’t make your condom rip off, and also don’t leave any stains on your sheets. Since they are based on water, they are easy to wash off, both of your body and from the sheets on the bed.

The only disadvantage they have is that you need to apply them regularly during sex since they wash off pretty quickly.

2. Oil-based lubricants

Completely different from water-based ones, these oil-based lubricants provide you with slippery pleasure from the beginning all the way until you reach an orgasm. Once applied, oil-based lubricants don’t need to be reapplied again. They reduce the friction most and are the best lubricants for anal sex. When using oil-based lubricants you make sure there is no unwanted friction that is important for a pleasant anal experience. One of the other benefits is that oil-based lubricants can also be used for massages that are great foreplay. There is no need to have different lubricants when you switch from an erotic massage to penetration, this product does it all perfectly. Oil-based lubricants are generally more expensive than water-based ones, but on the other hand, you use them less for one intercourse, so in the end, it may come down to be the same, at least price-wise.

The downside of using oil-based lubes is that they tend to damage the condom if you are using it, and they are also incredibly hard to be washed off. This is especially the problem if you enjoy having sex on your beautiful silk sheets that cost you half your paycheck.

3. Silicone-based lubricants

Silicone-based lubes are considered the top lubricant by some users and it is clear why. These lubricants give you the ultimate slippery feeling that lasts for longer than water-based ones but needs to be reapplied unlike oil-based lubes. These are top-quality lubes that give you unbelievable sensation and don’t do any damage to condoms. One of the main benefits of silicone-based lubricants is that they are great for sex underwater. They can’t be washed off easily, so if you enjoy having wild sex in the hot shower, then silicone lubes are perfect for you. They are also long-lasting but don’t stain the sheets as oil-based ones do.

The only downside is that they are not intended to be used with toys. Silicone-based lubricants deteriorate the surface of silicone toys and in the long run, it can lead to bacterial infections.

4. Hybrid lubricants

You can guess it hybrid lubricants are made from a combination of two other types of lubes. They are made from a combination of water and silicone-based ones, and they give you the best of both worlds. You get a lubricant that is gentle on your most sensitive body parts, that lasts longer, gives you an incredibly slippery feeling and is safe to be used with condoms. Hybrid lubricants can be used underwater also, and they are even safe for some types of toys. Just make sure to check the description of the lubricant carefully, to see if it is safe for silicone toys.

5. Flavored lubricants

Flavored lubricants are mostly water-based but they come with a delicious twist. They are made with lots of different flavors and the best thing is, they are edible, so you can go down on your partner with no problems. Usually, lubricants have that one annoying thing, that once applied you will not enjoy going down on your partner since nobody loves to get their mouths filled with something that just tastes like oil or silicone. With flavored lubes you will be eager to go down and start licking/sucking your partner’s private parts that now have the taste of a strawberry. Or any other type of fruit, or taste you generally prefer. Apart from tasting great, they also smell amazing, so you can enjoy having sex while the atmosphere around you smells like tropic fruit. Couples that love oral sex, and also love using lubes always choose flavored ones. Some of them give you only the taste of fruit, whilst others have sweeteners in them so you can enjoy it if you have a sweet tooth.

6. Sensation lubricants

Sensation lubricants are for couples that love feeling extra tingling sensation while having sex. These lubricants usually provide a warming or cooling feeling and depending on what you like, you can choose one that is for you and your partner. Sensation lubes that have the cooling effect will give you the gentle chilling sensation that will make you enjoy every stroke, it does not matter if you are the giver or the receiver. Chilling lubes are designed to heighten the sensitivity of your erogenous zones so you will feel everything more. On the other hand, sensation lubes with warming effects excite your pleasure zones, and make you hotter between your legs. With intense stimulation, these lubricants will make you experience orgasms like never before. There are sensation lubes that are made especially for anal sex, so you get to enjoy it on a whole new level.

Wrap up

wrap up

Sex is great and it can only be better when you experiment with different lubricant types. You can enjoy using water-based ones that give you the most realistic feel, or you can enjoy the smooth feeling that oil-based ones provide. If you want to experience stronger sensations, you can always try one of the sensation lubricants that provide you either cooling or warming effect that will make you, and your partner experience orgasms like never before.

It does not matter what type of lubes do you prefer it is only important that you use them. Be it for vaginal or anal sex, these lubricants are made for your pleasure and also to save you from potential injuries during sex. If you have sex with a condom or use sex toys (especially the ones that are made from silicone) make sure to use only the appropriate lubricants.