6 best sex toys to help maintain intimacy

6 best sex toys to help maintain intimacy

One of the most difficult things in a long-distance relationship is not to have face-to-face sex with your partner. When [couples] travel long distances, it can cause a lot of frustration and sexual accumulation, which will appear in their relationship. Other parts of the sex, not just the sexual part. “Because they may feel resentful, they may feel angry, which may cause them to conflict and argue. ”

Studies have shown that “relationship-keeping behaviors”, such as texting to talk about your day, or recalling interesting memories on the phone together, can increase couples’ satisfaction with their remote relationships. Whether it’s text messages or exchanges from all over the country, technology that ignores distance can also be used to strengthen your connections.

“A lot of Cirilla’s customers have a lot of remote controls [toys] they like,” Molly said, “but I think we must also remember that these are all props. Your interaction with your partner is the main course.”

Best wearable G-spot Sex Toy vibrator

Advantages: the consistent connection, fast response, powerful vibration, intuitive in-app control panel, good stimulation of G-spot, relatively quiet, long control range, long battery life, waterproof, and the application is widely applicable to different platforms.

Lovense’s sex toys are loved by the webcam performer community because they allow customers to control the fun of camera models from a distance-for the same reason, they are perfect for remote couplers. Lush 3 is the latest version of their wearable rechargeable vibrator, designed to be worn inside Vagina to stimulate the G-spot. It is quiet enough to be used with caution in public, although it is also suitable for private use.

Like all the Lovense toys I tried for this guide, Lush 3 responds surprisingly to any taps, swipes, and adjustments made using the Lovense remote app. I can also use the same application to control the toy myself (iPhone and Android as well as PC and Mac can be used).

It can even work tens of feet away from my phone, or in another closed room. You can use this app to “cycle” the vibration patterns created by you or your partner, or just use the slider on the app interface to manually control the vibration.

According to my experience, although the outer “tail” of the toy can hold the lush 3 inside, it hardly provides any mucus stimulation, even though it is close to the mucus, because it is so thin and soft. If you want mucus pleasure along with the strong G-spot vibration provided by the lush 3, you need to manually press the outer arm or use another toy (or your hand) to do the job.

Best vibrator

The We-Vibe Moxie vibrator is fixed in the underwear with a built-in magnet, so you can enjoy the rumbling vibration, whether you are walking outside, eating out, or just hanging out at home.

Advantages: powerful vibration, sticky target contour shape, powerful magnets hold it in place, waterproof, quiet, and can be controlled by the easy-to-use our connection app or the included remote control, with additional magnets, In case you misplace

Disadvantages: Does not put pressure on clichés, connections are not always reliable, and require you to wear underwear, which may not be so good for larger people

Panty Vibes-small vibrators worn in underwear-are very suitable for long-distance couples who want to play cautiously in public, or when doing other things, such as watching Porn together or chatting on the phone.

We-Vibe Moxie is composed of a magnetic vibrator and a small matching magnet. A magnetic vibrator enters your underwear and then puts it outside to firmly fix the toy on your sensitive position. This puts it ahead of other floppy Vibes that must be tied to or tucked into the underwear. They tend to move in many places and even fall off.

Moali added that many of her customers use We-Vibe because the brand is known for its remote toys. Moxie especially has a powerful rumble vibration, which can be controlled through the Include Remote or We-Vibe app on iOS or Android. If your pants are tight enough, there will be a slight “bulge” on the inner part of Vibe, press your Clit-although, especially loose underwear, it may not have the cliché pressure that some people like. For this reason, I think this toy is more like a foreplay/teasing toy than a “Finisher”.

The reliability and responsiveness of the We-Vibe toy is not as impressive as the Lovense toy.

Bluetooth vibrator (thicker thighs, bigger lips, etc.), which may explain why I (12 ladies in pear shape) disconnected with Moxie at least once every time.

I still think We-Vibe Moxie is the best choice in this category because of its excellent vibration quality, comfortable impermeable design and super safe magnet attachment system-but lovenes Ferry is very similar (though not too rumble), And it has a better reputation for connection consistency.

Best oral liquid stimulant

Sex toys can’t really replicate oral sex yet, but Satisfier Curvy 3+ stimulates clichés with rhythmic, Bluetooth-controlled pulses, suction, and vibration, which feels quite close to the “real thing”.

Advantages: Wide version of strength and pattern array, ergonomic shape, good connectivity, fast response, wide version, as a vibrator, easy to control via apps or buttons, custom patterns can be created, built-in video call and encrypted message function ,Affordable

Disadvantages: small mouth is not suitable for larger clams, dizziness/high surface vibration quality, remote control requires video calls

If you missed a performance with a remote partner or accepted Cunnilingus, Satifyer Curvy 3+ is a good stop. This toy uses rhythmic air pulses to create a stale feeling, which feels like a mixture of suction, vibration and soft touch. It also has standard vibration-you can flip the toy and use its “handle” as an internal vibrator for your Clit or G-spot-but the vibration is quite surface level and has no effect (I prefer air pulses).

Curvy 3+ can be easily controlled with its three buttons when used alone, or connected to the Satifyer app for remote control. The connection between the app and Toy is responsive and reliable, so you can adjust the power supply up and down as needed to create a relatively realistic oral sex experience (make sure to add lubricating oil to get the full effect). The annoying thing is that you can’t control your partner’s toy in the app if you don’t start the video call at the same time; however, this may be a sexy addition, or if you want to turn off the video, you can turn off your video.

The “mouth” of the toy is on the smaller side, so it works best for small and medium-sized CLTs. If you have a larger Clit and/or prefer stimulation, focusing more on the top and sides of your Clit instead of the tip, you may prefer Curve 2+, which is a very similar toy with a wider mouth, Allow more Clits to be stimulated at the same time.

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